Centered Yoga Dona Holleman 2022/23 – A message from Patrizia Gregori

by | Aug 22, 2022

Each word has a meaning at the beginning, and it changes gradually over use. We should not assume we automatically know what we are talking about, but see there is a block in creativity that is not solved individually in the psyche. We cannot unblock the energy necessary for creativity. What in my life have I not dealt with? Why am I not integrated? Am I in conflict with my power and my creative ability? Here is an aphorism from a sutra in the Yoga book: ‘Yoga is skill in action’.

So our first task is reaching self-awareness. To gain liberation. The first thing to do is to return to the inner child. Dona Holleman has written a book, ‘The Eyes of Innocence’, looking with innocent eyes; we must look at ourselves as if for the first time.

After this, the second task is overcoming the inner child and becoming a warrior, the one who destroys anything in the psyche that is not useful so as to attain liberation, which is in tradition. That is, liberation lies in the destruction of the old ego. This passage is called transformation, which requires an act of faith, believing that there is a creative self within us. I believe and I already am. We unblock our creative power when we see ourselves as creative. Our bodies are the invisible made visible.

Switching off fear, pain and doubt: the words are important. I can believe I am impotent and I will be, or vice versa. We havebeen living in the ‘not yet’. We must live in the ‘I already am’. The ‘not yet’ is the ego living in a delay. The ‘I already am’ is faith in creative energy. This is intent. Do you think you are already happy? Then you do not become so: you are happy.

Creation is a game. If you think you will never succeed – others will; you think ‘I won’t’ – you will not achieve self-realisation. The important thing is that what you believe will have precise effects. Often we use creative power without knowing it but through our ego, so we make mistakes. The question is, Who am I?’ The answer is a being, a tool, a channel of reaction. You are free: you can do everything. 

I look forward to seeing you at the next Centered Yoga meetings.

Patrizia Gregori