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Centered Yoga Teacher Training

The Centered Yoga Dona Holleman ASD association organizes teacher training courses which are held in Rome at the Centered Yoga Dona Holleman school with Patrizia Gregori and in Milan at the Centered Yoga Studio with Francesca Petrilli.

What types of training are there?

The association organizes Beginners and Intermediate teacher training courses. At the end of the Beginners course, the Diploma Centered Yoga Dona Holleman recognized by Csen and Yoga Alliance will be issued, while for the Intermediate course a certificate will be issued with the positions supported and for the most deserving the opportunity to participate in masterclasses with Dona Holleman in Soiano

The association also organizes a training course in Osaka, Japan.


The Centered Yoga Dona Holleman ASD association is pleased to announce the new Centered Yoga Beginners Teacher Training 2023/25.

The courses are organized by the association and are conducted by the teacher and President Patrizia Gregori: they are recognized by the CSEN and the Yoga Alliance. At the end, a 250h Diploma signed by Dona Holleman will be delivered to the new Centered Yoga Teachers.

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Teacher Training Beginners

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Teacher Training Intermediate

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Teacher Training in Osaka

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