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Centered Yoga Teacher Training

The Centered Yoga Dona Holleman ASD association offers the opportunity to become certified Centered Yoga teachers through the Teacher Training courses held at the Centered Yoga Dona Holleman of Patrizia Gregori in Rome and the Centered Yoga Studio of Francesca Petrilli in Milan.


Why become a Centered Yoga Teacher?

Becoming a Centered Yoga teacher means embracing an idea of traditional Yoga. When we speak of traditional, we do not mean “old” but original: yoga that makes attention to one’s body and breathing its heart, inclusive yoga that can be practised at any age and in any condition.


What types of training are there?

The association organises Beginner teacher training, recognised by the CSEN and the Yoga Alliance, and Intermediate training. A Beginner course diploma and a certificate for Intermediate training are issued at the end of the courses. The association also organises a training course at Osaka, in Japan.


Teacher training is the only way to practise together with the one who created the method from her experience: Dona Holleman. Dona is one of the last great twentieth-century yogis to be still active, the direct link to all those studied in each yoga discipline.

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