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From the collaboration between Patrizia Gregori and Dona Holleman on December 17, 2011, the International Centered Yoga Association was born. Thanks to their understanding, Dona Holleman’s yoga became a real teaching method that took the name of Centered Yoga.

It all began when Dona Holleman was willing to retire from teaching and Patrizia Gregori, former Iyengar Intermediate teacher, was convinced that such an important contribution to yoga could not be lost.

Thus Patrizia began a process to keep Dona Holleman on the path of teaching. From this he decided to have the fundamental text of Dona’s method translated into Italian and to have published by the Roman publishing house “Le Mediterranee”: “Centered Yoga: The Eight Vital Principles of Practice” (April 2012).

In June of the same year, he convinced Dona Holleman to participate, alongside her, in a seminar at the Yoga Festival in Rome, enjoying great success.

From this key period, the association was actually born and Dona Holleman’s yoga became a real teaching method.

From the theoretical and practical contribution of Dona Holleman and Patrizia Gregori, the association began to grow by welcoming numerous Italian and foreign teachers who had already followed the two teachers for years, with the aim of promoting, disseminating and preserving Centered throughout the world. Yoga, through workshops and training courses.

In 2021, Dona Holleman decided to pass the baton to Patrizia Gregori through the presidency of the association, carving out for herself the role of Honorary President. The association changes its name and becomes Centered Yoga Dona Holleman ASD.

With this change, Patrizia Gregori decides to transfer the experience of the Centered Yoga Studio Dhyana to the new Centered Yoga Dona Holleman school in Via Ruffini 2A in ROME.

This decision to name the school after Dona Holleman is intended as an incentive for all Centered teachers to add the name “Centered Yoga” to their schools.

This is because Centered Yoga is not just a teaching method, but a lifestyle to aspire to.

The school aims to give voice to all yoga practitioners for a creative comparison between methods, in the awareness that yoga is one.

A photo of the meeting of Patrizia Gregori and Dona Holleman at the Yoga Festival in Rome where Centered Yoga was born.

Headquarters of the Association.

The new school of Patizia Gregori corresponds with the headquarters of the association.

Centered Yoga Dona Holleman ASD

Via Ruffini 2A, 00195 ROME

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