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I wrote those two quotes. They are crucial for the practice of the asanas. When we practice we should not have an​ further reason than ‘helping’ the jivan to proceed on its path of kaivalya or liberation from the matrix, which in yoga is called ‘maya’. We are extremely fortunate to live in this time. This is THE BEST time to practice equanimity between all the fear and confusion in the world. Therefore when you practice, as I keep saying, do so slowly and observe yourself as you go. In fast movements (isotonic movements) the brain, in this case the’citta’ cannot follow the speed of the body. If the movements are slow the citta is less agitated and so you can be the drastuh, the observer. We observe the movements and the asana with a sense of enjoyment

Dona Holleman – Jyotim Yoga pt.2

26 October 2022

Dona Holleman – Jyotim Yoga Convention 2007

30 September 2022

Gabriella Manconi – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

08 September 2022

Maura di Bartolo – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

05 September 2022