Centered Yoga Teacher Beginners & Medium Level I, Mexico City


Ana has taught yoga since 2006.  In 2007, she embarked on a rigorous training certification with renowned yoga teacher Dona Holleman, a commitment that has taken her back to Italy once a year since 2007.

For Ana, teaching yoga is more than knowing the basics of yoga postures: she practices under the Eight Vital Principles of Practice developed by Dona Holleman and applies those principles in her daily life too, especially during strenuous Pandemic times. Her life motto is: Live and let live -in and out of the yoga mat.

Ana is a dual citizen from the United States and Mexico.  She has taught at several yoga studios in Washington, DC (2005-2009), Portland (2009-2011), OR, and Mexico City (2011-2022).  Since January 2003, she resides in Bellingham, Washington state, where she practices and teaches Centered Yoga, while she raises her three kids near the wooded mountains and foggy beaches of the Pacific Northwest.

Ana’s classes include a safe, aligned, and balanced practice that focuses on a particular theme (e.g., forward bending, back bending, leg stretches, seated postures, etc.) that always prepare the body for the immediate posture that follows. Ana adapts her sequencing to the class level, which may involve intermediate/advanced postures, such as inversions or advanced pranayama.

She guides her students to practice the postures incorporating the Eight Vital Principles of Practice, which result in effortless, beautiful yoga practice.  When working with beginners or special groups (e.g., seniors, pregnant women, athletes), Ana “breaks down” the postures to allow students to find proper alignment, develop confidence, create a solid imprint of the posture in their bodies, and prevent injury, enabling them to prepare for more intermediate practice.

Ana earned her first Centered Yoga Diploma in 2009.  She holds a Centered Yoga Beginners Diploma (2011) and a Medium Level I Diploma (2015). She is working towards earning her Centered Yoga Medium Level II Diploma.