by | Aug 2, 2022

I copied this article with their permission from a website in Holland called Niburu. Link: ,

“Even if the neighbours on both sides are dead in their homes, they will still deny that this has anything to do with the vaccine.
Everything you read in the mainstream media is aimed at putting what is called corona vaccines in a positive light.
If a bunch of people try to push for a booster shot so they can go skiing in Austria, this is interpreted as a sign that there is a lot of enthusiasm for the booster shot.
If a few more people have died in the past week than the week before, it is said in words and colours that the excess mortality is less than the week before. Anything not to face the facts.

Here are the facts:
In the third week of December (week 50, December 13 to 19, 2021), an estimated 4,100 people died. That is more than 950 more than expected.
Mortality has increased among all age groups, and among Wlz care users as well as among the rest of the population. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of the provisional death figures per week.
Since the beginning of August (week 31) the mortality has been above the expected mortality and also almost every week outside the interval of usual fluctuations, so that there was excess mortality.

From the summer, there is a permanent excess mortality that continues to this day.
It doesn’t matter to the hypnotized part of the population how insane the results of the many vaccinations are, even more vaccinations is the solution.
This is of course also the case in the New World Order state of Australia. There has been such a reign of terror that by far the largest part of the population has been vaccinated.
It is now summer in Australia and just like in the summer with us, you don’t really expect anything in the field of the corona flu. This is because it mainly occurs in autumn and winter.
But, not in Australia, where the ‘corona infections’ really shoot into the air like a rocket.

And yet, try telling a hypnotized person that a ‘corona vaccine’ does a lot more harm than good.
Just like the story in the US Navy, where the first few hundred Marines have been fired because they refused to be injected.
Meanwhile, the USS Milwaukee, a US Navy vessel with a fully vaccinated crew, is stranded in Guantanamo Bay harbor due to a corona outbreak among the crew.
According to a statement from the Navy, the affected persons are isolated from the rest and because the sick have only mild symptoms, it is a sign for them that the vaccine is working.

Even the following cannot undermine belief in the vaccine.
Carlos Tejada, a 49-year-old Wall Street Journal and New York Times reporter, proudly lets a photo be taken as he goes to get his coveted booster shot.
A day later he dies of a heart attack.

Even if the vaccine deaths are three rows thick on the street, the hypnotized will argue that it is good that there are corona vaccines, because otherwise they would have been five rows thick.
If you see the madness of all of the above, then it’s high time you didn’t go get that booster if you intended to and if you haven’t been vaccinated at all, then you can thank God on your bare knees that you made that decision.