by | Aug 2, 2022

I and many others are trying desperately to wake people up to what is really happening in the world. People are either not aware or don’t care. Mass formation.

Amongst thousands of cases that testify of the immense evil that has taken hold of the world, I will quote two that have particularly shaken me:

1. In Germany a man and his wife faked a green pass in order to be able to work. Their mortal sin: they did not want to take the vaccine. That simple fact condemned them to their death. They were caught and threatened with the police, at which the man murdered his wife and kids, and then committed suicide. The youngest child was four, the oldest twelve. They were afraid that they had to go to prison and the children would be taken away from them. I can tell you sincerely that when I read that, I had to go to the bathroom to vomit. Five lives, three below the age of teens, gone over a miserable piece of paper trash.

2. A man was caught on a boat without the paper trash. He was caught by the police and under the shouts of ALL the other passengers of : ‘Throw him in the water’, he was escorted away. You can substitute ‘throw him in the water’ for ‘take him away to the prison camps’. It would be the same.

The world has come to that point. The déjà vue of the Second World War, where ‘normal’ people betrayed their fellow citizens to the death camps.

The following is my translation of a ‘poem’ by Alejandro Jodorowski. In these dark days in which humanity seems lost, his words bring some hope of light.


“They knew that humanity collectively was reaching a very high vibration.

But they were not aware of the amount of people who were ‘awakened’.
They realized their mistake in their valuation. And they got scared.

Now they do not hide anymore.
Now they are in a hurry to launch officially their “New World Order.”

Now their attacks are more direct and frontal. And their attacks will increase.

They will try to prevent with all their might that people wake up.

They will try to prevent with all their might that the people who are awake can communicate with the others to awaken them.

They will try with all their might that the awake people are seen as crazy or criminals.

Whatever they do, it does not matter.

The quantistic jump has already happened. It cannot be stopped.

Humanity already contemplates plants and animals like souls that animate them.

Humanity has already respect for mother earth.

Humanity already understands that there is no separation.
The souls that incarnate now arrive already as teachers, no longer to experiment.

They incarnate only to teach to love.

We can be witnesses to the total change or less.

The transition can last a week or three years.

But it cannot be stopped.

Whatever happens during the transition, remember this:

You offered to be here and now.
Whatever happens, whatever you see, you are the motor of the change.

You are asked only one thing. Only one:

Do not be “food.”

That is the only thing that you have to do. Very simple.

Do not be “food.”

The human being is one of the most potent generators that exist.

We are vortexes.

According to the polarity to which you align yourself, are you creating high and low frequencies.

These dark entities nourish themselves with low frequencies.

We have nourished them for thousands of years.

The awakening of humanity has inclined the collective vortex to the higher frequencies.

That is the reason why they are now attacking so ferociously.

They are dying of hunger.

Connect yourself with your soul, and observe yourself.

If your soul resounds to these words do not give any longer, not even a second, of your existence to be ‘food’.

Eliminate the low passions of your life.

Hatred, rancour, envy, fear, vices, trash foods, lies, ambitions, egoism, sadness, mistrust

All these generate dense energy. Food for the dark ones.

Be conscious of your emotions. Listen to yourself.

And if sometimes you feel yourself in one of these low vibrations, change immediately your energy.

Put music that lifts you up. Sing, dance, breathe.

Light an incense. Embrace your cats.

Embrace a friend.
Embrace your dog. Embrace your mother. Embrace your animal family.
Go for a walk in nature. Meditate. Do physical exercises.
Do everything that is necessary.

But change immediately that energy, because you are being FOOD.

Be always conscious.
The only thing that is being asked of you is to not nourish the dark forces .

Nourish your soul with everything that helps you to get up.

If you get used to live in the frequency of love, your reality changes according to your will, without any effort.

You are a powerful being. You are unstoppable. Don’t be afraid of anything.

Liberate your mind from the ‘Matrix’.

Focalize your attention on that which you desire.

But above all, have fun, be happy, smile, sing, dance, love.

We are alive when we love the All, and you are part of that, together with the stars, the sun and all the galaxies of the universe.

You are Love”.

(Alejandro Jodorowski)