by | Aug 2, 2022

The following is a speech made recently by a very well known Italian journalist, Francesco Amodeo. I have transcribed it as best as I can from the Italian into English, as I completely agree with him. There may be many mistakes, but I think the content is clear.

I hope it rings a bell with someone else.

“You will discuss with friends, also with those you have known for a long time, and yet you confronted them also in the past. Your ideas do not save you from contrast even with your own family, and yet you grew up in the same surroundings, with the same background.

You will not easily support the groups of watsapp, the ones of your mother, your father, your ex friends of school. Because you hear them all recite the same mantra , even though the groups seem different.

Mantras like: your freedom ends where it interferes with mine, ignoring the fact that if your freedom can be interfered with it was not freedom to start with.

Everything that is conformism makes you nauseous, and yet up till now you have tolerated it.

You will start to judge the intelligence of others based on the degree of consciousness expressed, and not based on the culture or the social position of the person you are talking to. It can even happen that you lose respect for your lawyer, your book keeper, your doctor, as if a third eye gives you a new longer parameter of judgement.

On the other hand, it can happen that you are struck by the consciousness shown by a perfect stranger with whom you found yourself in a discussion by chance. You will be surprised by this, almost destabilised.

The pandemic is creating a new humanity. It is creating a split in the population. The current war on a global level is a spiritual war, and inevitable there are created trenches. On one hand the consciousness that is sleeping, anaesthetised, those who tend to align themselves in a group, those who have a existential need to belong in a group and common thought.

On the other hand the consciousness that has undergone an internal earth quake, a sort of existential crisis, a clear sign of an inner awakening.

Between those people who underwent that they recognise each other immediately, by a sentence, by a comment. They feel the comfort and the need to confront themselves with persons who have the same vibration but they do not feel the need for approval. They do not need to make a group, they do not need to conform, they do not need that their ideas are universally recognised.

They are simply evolving.

They are liberating themselves of a weight, they do not feel anymore victims of whatever happens but on the contrary responsible for what happens in their existence and that which pushes their personal and spiritual evolution.

But they need to reckon with a part of the world which does no longer belong to them, and that is not a pleasant process, even though it is indispensable, because it involves the end of certain relationships, of people who have become toxic to them.

Common relations do no longer make any sense, and are exchanged for those who have a profound sharing , because it is understood that the other is only an expression of oneself, and therefore it is useless to discuss with persons who are not of the same ‘soul’, because they do not have that container to hold and protect that which you are telling him.

So you respect all the time more the freedom of the other like your own, escaping from the stereotypes, of the mental cages, of common places, to emerge from the ruins of the old humanity and give space to the new human being, the one who is capable to harmonise the apparent antagonists of always: economy and ethics, action and contemplation, spirituality and progress, all this will make you restless, but as Nietze says: only those with chaos inside can generate a dancing star.

To save this world it needs stars that start to dance again.”

So far Franscesco Amodeo.

It is a long time that I have been contemplating this. Personally I recognize people from the brilliance of their eyes. As Amodeo says, they are stars. I remember one day I was walking with my close friend and mentor Vanda on the Piazza Duomo in Florence, when she suddenly stopped and said: ‘Look around you’. The piazza was full of people. Then she said: ‘Do you see anyone whom you want to know closer?’ I understood what she said. And this has been my criterion, to be attracted by someone not by his clothes, not by his car, but by something extra in … maybe you can call it aura?

I have been fortunate to know several people like that in my life, and even though maybe we are no longer in touch, they will remain forever my sisters and brothers in spirit.