by | Aug 2, 2022

I do not remember who said that for evil to prevail it is enough that good people do nothing to stop it.

With this in mind I am writing a series of articles for my personal web site . You can find the Italian version on the web site of the Centered Yoga Dona Holleman ASD- I invite you all urgently to read them.

We all have spent two absolutely crazy years, and have been tossed left and right between fear, anger, resignation and mass formation.

Maybe not many people realise that we live in a kind of déjà vue of the second world war. Not many people realise that we are AT WAR, but this time it is not nation against nation, but a small group of billionaire psychopaths against the entire human race. These psychopaths are well known by name. They started to prepare this war right after the second world war, actually that war was a kind of tryout for this one. I have written extensively about this in the articles you find on my web site. You can also find plenty of information on the web.

Right from the beginning I have been suspicious about the current situation, and with some close friends we have tried to get as much information as possible. Thank God many people are now waking up, and the push back against this madness is increasing. More and more people are realising that the world is in the grip of some evil force, and starting to organise themselves to resist. However, I am sorry to say, that there are also many people who are thus deeply under the spell that they will betray even their family, friends and neighbours. Exactly like in the last world war. Anne Frank was one of the many victims of this citizen betrayal. This is to show how deep wetiko had entered then, and has entered now, in society, in our hearts.

There are many names for evil in different cultures, but I will use here the one used by some American Indian tribes, the word wetiko. This word is now used extensively by many scientists philosophers, psychologists and researchers.

In these articles on the website I will go into the wetiko of the present world situation. As yoga practitioners I urgently ask you to consider everything, and decide how we as yogis can contribute turning the present situation around to a more healthy world, to a new world, a world without wetiko, a world where peace reigns.

We are still not too late. As yoga practitioners I urge you to ask yourself whether your practice is just gymnastics, or if there is a more idealistic side to it, a side that abhors violence in any form. Not a side that knows how to quote Patanjali at the drop of a hat, or knows how to do urdhva dhanurasana, or has a big yoga school, but the side that has gone deep inside, looking for our connections to nature, to other humans, to the world.

It is only by going deep inside that we can become aware of the wetiko, both in the world as inside ourselves, and change it, stop ‘feeding’ that demonic part that all of us have.

The Centered Yoga Dona Holleman ASD wishes you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year