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The great 20th century philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, whom I had the good fortune to known personally between 1961 and 1970, once said:

You have only one head, take good care of it”

That sentence stuck with me for the rest of my life. What did he mean with that?

Apart from the fact that I believe that we are ALL hypnotised from birth on, and that our heads are programmed from birth on, which is the subject of another article, I would like to go a bit into the current world situation.

Basically what he meant was : ‘do not buy blindly into the narrative of another person, but follow your own ‘head’’, use your own thinking capacity.

Two years ago the world got caught by surprise by an unknown virus. Now, we are surrounded by viruses ALL the time, and humanity has survived up till now, but this time it was different. This time we were sucked right from the beginning into an elaborate ‘narrative’ that gradually got more complex, more illogical and more menacing.

Everybody bought into it, me included. The world was skilfully brought into a state of panic, for which there seemed to be only one remedy: to find as soon as possible a remedy that would stop the spread of this terrible virus. This in spite of the fact that many doctors came forward with classical remedies, but they were immediately ‘silenced’.

For a very short time, still reeling from all the propaganda, I too decided to wait for this miraculous ‘cure’.

The miracle happened. The ‘cure’ arrived after just three months.

People lined up, including many of my friends.

The narrative changed. We had to ‘save’ the world by ‘sacrificing’ ourselves, Taking this ‘cure’. Otherwise the world would never go back to ‘normal’. So it seemed that the ‘carrot’ was the ‘normal’ and the ‘cure’ was to submit one’s body to an outside agency. No other options allowed.

I was still kind of considering it, when one of my friends, whom I have known for a long time, exploded a bomb in my head.

The first time I asked her if she had taken the ‘medicine’, she said she had because she wanted to travel. That was, for my feeling, an honest answer.

The second time she told me that she had taken the ‘medicine’ for the benefit of others, of the community. Her ‘reason’ had changed, and a bomb exploded in my head.

After 70 years of yoga and other ‘spiritual’ practices, my intuition is pretty sharp. Her answer set off all my alarm bells loud and clear.

How can someone do something that is potentially harmful for the ’benefit’ of the others? It did not make any sense.

At that moment I did not think about it in scientific terms, but the answer sounded very ‘robotic’ to me, as if repeating a mantra that I knew at that moment was being spread through the media. In my mind I kind of compared it as if someone told me to jump from the third floor of a building for the ‘benefit’ of the others, would I do that? Even for the ‘benefit’ of others?

At that moment the phrase of Krishnamurti came back into my mind: You have only one head, take good care of it.

Gradually the idea came to me that we are in the grip of a global ‘scam’, that someone or something is ‘scamming’ us for some, for the moment ‘unknown’ purpose.

And so my odyssey started to find answers, to understand why suddenly everyone in the world was mouthing the same narrative, the same absurdities, the same illogical nonsense.

I think I have found some of the answers on the internet through professionals in HYPNOSIS.

Let me start with a Belgian professor in clinical psychology, Mattias Desmet.

Professor of criminal psychology

At the end of May of last year this professor, who also has a master in statistics, proved that the statistics were exaggerating the danger of the virus.

When it was proven beyond doubt that the initial measures were completely wrong, the politicians and ‘experts’ continued the initial measures as if nothing was wrong, and the initial measures were right. For him it was a strong sign that things were going on on a psychological level that were really powerful.

What struck him in the beginning of the crisis was that political leaders never seem to have taken into account the collateral damage caused by the measures. If you take measures against a virus, the first thing to consider is whether the measures you take, for instance the lockdown, will not create more victims than the virus itself. In the beginning of the crisis the institutions like the United Nations warned immediately that there could be more people dying from hunger and starvation in developing countries than they could possibly die from the virus when no measures were taken at all.

So it showed immediately to him that the remedy could be far worse that then the disease. And also that in one way or another nobody seemed really able to take into account both, the victims that could be claimed by the virus on the one hand and the collateral damage caused by the measures on the other. Never during this crisis was there one mathematical model that calculated both.

This showed that the attention of the whole world was focused on one danger, the virus itself, so at the end of May he tried to understand at the psychological level what was it that the attention of people were so narrowly focused on the virus. What psychological process could be responsible for this lack of openness of mind.

As a professor of psychology he came to the conclusion that what we are dealing with is a mass hypnosis, which he calls mass formation. This process is for 95 % unconscious at the level of the masses and of the individuals and, also of the leaders of the masses.

Mass formation is a specific kind of group formation or group hypnosis which emerges in a society where very specific conditions are met.

1. The first and most important of these conditions is that there should be a lot of people who experience a lack of social bond, a lot of people who feel socially isolated. On a personal note I would put the blame largely on cell phones, video games and other internet amusements that keep people occupied, even in bars and restaurants. People do not seem to talk to each other anymore.

2. From this first condition followsthe second one, which is that people experience life as meaningless or senseless. People do not find satisfaction anymore in their work, in their life.

3. The third condition follows from the first two conditions.In order for mass hypnosis or mass formation to happen there has to be free floating anxiety and free floating discontent. If you are anxious about a lion you know what you are anxious about, so the anxiety is linked to a mental image of a lion.But if people are socially isolated and if they feel that their life has no meaning, this is free floating anxiety, which is not connected to a mental representation,and free floating discontent that is not connected to a mental representation.

4. The fourth condition is that there should be a lot of free floating frustration and aggression, people should feel frustrated and aggressive without knowing what the cause of that is.

If these four conditions are fulfilled in society that then creates a mental state in which something very specific can happen. If under these conditions a narrative, a story, is distributed through the mass media indicating an object, and at the same time provided a strategy to deal with this cause of the anxiety, the stage for mass formation is set.

Free floating anxiety always turns at one point to panic, and if this is connected to the object of anxiety indicated in the narrative it creates a huge willingness to participate in the strategy to deal with this object of anxiety (virus).

In this way people feel that they can control their anxiety and their psychological discontent better and that leads up to something very specific: people suddenly feel connected again, a new kind of solidarity, bond and a new kind meaning, of sense making emerging in society, and that is the reason why people follow the narrative, why people buy into the narrative and why they are willing to participate in the strategy, even if it is utterly absurd and illogical, because the reason has nothing to do with the fact that is correct or scientific. The reason why people buy into the narrative is because of this new social bond, this new solidarity against a common enemy.

People are social beings and being socially isolated is really painful. When they switch from a very negative state to the opposite, of maximum connectedness, this leads to a kind of mental intoxication which is the real reason why people stick to the narrative, why people are willing to go along with the narrative, even if they lose everything that is important to them (family members, etc.).

Just like in hypnosis the attention is focused on a very small part of reality which is indicated by the story, on the virus in this case, and people are not aware of everything that happens mentally outside of this small focus of attention, they are not aware that they lose the psychological health or the physical health.

This is one of the most dramatic phenomenon of mass formation.

Then he goes into the difference between the totalitarian state and a dictatorship. They are two different things in his opinion. The difference is in the psychological process.

A classical dictatorship is not based on mass formation, is based on a very primitive process of fear the human being has for someone who is stronger, who is in power.

The totalitarian state is based on mass formation or mass hypnosis. It needs the willing consensus of the population. Mass formation arises around an object of anxiety.

In the process of mass formation the individual disappears in the collective which erases all individual characteristics. It does not make any difference that the person is intelligent or not. Everybody becomes equally stupid in a mass formation, they lose all capacity for critical thinkingall because they are absorbed in this process of mass formation.

Back to Jiddu Krishnamurti:

You have only one head, take good care of it”

In mass formation only 30 % of the people are hypnotised. Then there is 40 % of the people who goes along because they never go against the crowd, out of laziness or carelessness or other reasons. Then there is 20 or 30% which is not hypnotised, who wants to speak out and do something.

In the current situation the people who have not taken the ’remedy’ become public enemy nr. one and object of the free floating frustration and aggression.

However, according to this professor, mass formation is a mother that devours its own children; in the end it starts to kill among its own members.

Hypnosis works through the voice: people are caught in the resonance of the voice. Who does not remember Hitler’s speeches: when he spoke, people became crazy.

So the state, through the mass media, keeps hammering the population each day with the same narrative to keep it alive and to focus the attention of the population each day on the official narrative in which there is no place for any alternative voices. We see more and more that alternative voices are being silenced, internet and other social media are shut down so that only the ‘official’ narrative remains.

Mass formation cannot exist without mass media, distributing the same narrative time and again to make this mass formation happen. The leaders know that they can be absurd and illogical as they want, it will only make the mass formation stronger

The sacrifices of lock down and masks are rituals, and the more absurd they are the and more sacrifices they demand the better they functions as rituals. The individual that sacrifices something shows that the group cohesion is more important than the individual. That is how rituals function, they have to be meaningless, useless and they have to demand sacrifices of the individual, that is why the current measures are absurd and involve a lot of sacrifices for the new solidarity. The more absurd the measures are the more the 30 % will follow, willingly.

In mass formation the hypnotist himself is hypnotised, that is why the experts make mistakes because they do not realise they are. On the one hand they are hypnotised, on the other hand they cheat and lie, they believe in their ideologies and the ideal they are striving for, but they do not believe in the narrative they present to the people. They feel it is justified to lie to the people and to manipulate them. They are hypnotised, they believe that their ideology will create kind of paradise for humanity but they do not believe everything that they are telling because they know that they are manipulating the population.

So far this professor, which I found fascinating and pretty well to the point.

Then I found another hypnotist. In reality, I found 5 or 6 others. They all more or less confirm what this professor says, but that will be part two of this article.