by | Jul 31, 2022

Elsewhere I have written about the various bodies that we have. These are described in the Yoga tradition, but are now confirmed by science.

When the jivan, or soul, or atman descends into this matrix, it needs a ‘vehicle’ in order to interact. Now, contrary to what people believe, human beings are NOT rational beings, but emotional beings. I forgot the percentage, but about 90 % of our interactions with others goes through the emotions (which include facial expressions and bodily postures, but also intuitions like feeling attracted by someone or repulsed).

Then there is the mental body, and the physical body. The mental body is called manomaya kosha, and the physical body is called annamaya kosha (anna means ‘food’, it is the body made by what you eat).

Nowadays scientists talk about the electromagnetic field of the brain and the electromagnetic field of the heart, which, by the way, is vastly bigger than that of the brain.

The manomaya kosha, though it usually resides in the brain, is NOT the physical brain, but can and does function outside of the brain. There are thousands of reports of people who ‘died’ and later on could tell what the doctors said in the room, as they were observing them working on the body on the bed.

The manomaya body is the mind, the organ that directs the other functions of the body.

The jivan, when it descends into the matrix, ‘creates’ first of all the pranamaya kosha. I have talked about this elsewhere. Prana we can in modern terms call light, or, to follow Nicola Tessla, energy-vibration-frequency. This is the first and ‘real’ body of the jivan. It will always override the mental body, as well as the physical body. All diseases are glitches, mistakes, in the pranamaya kosha, which then in time manifests in the annamaya kosha.

I would like to talk here for a moment about our current situation.

The ‘art’ of the powers who pull the strings in this pandemic is that they have a formidable weapon: FEAR.

The whole scam of the pandemic and the virus and all the poohaha around it is to, literally, scare the shit out of people.

Fear is a weapon, and so people obey blindly the ’governments’, those who have the so-called ‘well-being’ of the people ‘at heart’, and accept things they would never dream of accepting if it was not because of the fear.

Only in this way were those powers able to convince billions of frightened people to accept an experimental ‘medicine’, which now, at this point, not only proves to be ineffective, but in many cases lethal, or at least damaging to the body, in particular to the immune system.

Now, to make it easier to pronounce and write, the pranamaya kosha is also called ‘suksma sharira’, which means the ‘subtle body’, and the annamaya kosha the ‘stuhla sharira’ or ‘gross body’.

So the first and most important ‘body’ with which the jivan interacts in this matrix is the suksma sharira.

As I said, the main emotion for billions of people in these two years, has been FEAR.

This is poison for the suksma sharira, making it weak and even sick.

So let us see if we can give it some help to heal. Here are just a few suggestions that I can give you. If some of you have others please sent them to me to add to the list.

I. Let us start with FOOD.

According to Advaita Vedanta and to Tessla EVERYTHING in the universe (energy-vibration-frequency) is CONCIOUS.

This includes plants and animals.

Somehow I guessed that because I have been a vegetarian since I was 18 years old. Animals, when they are being brought to the slaughter house, know what is in store and, in their extreme fear, produce a massive amount of adrenaline, which in great quantities, is a poison, a drug. This remains in the meat that you eat. In the old days people ate meat maybe once or twice a week, now every day, if not twice a day. That fear of the animal remains in the dead meat that you eat, and so enters your suksma sharira, poisoning it.

II. The second is AIR.

As we all know, unless you go up in the Himalayas, our air at this point in history is also poisoned. We cannot do without air, so it is a good thing to find a spot where the air is slightly purified. This can be under some trees, in a forest, or very early in the morning before there is any traffic and other human activity. You can do the exercises that I have described in the article on my website under the heading ‘Pranayama’, Breathing for covid.

III. The third one is challenging. COLD SHOWERS.

I give you here the link to the method of Wim Hof, a Dutchman who has done countless experiments under doctor supervision to see the benefits of cold baths and showers.

I started about a year ago, and couldn’t do without it anymore.

Following his suggestion, I start with a – very- hot shower, to which I add a touch of Kneipp. With a special brush I brush my whole body, legs, arms etc. in the direction of the lymph nodes in the groins and the armpits. That takes about five minutes. Then I prepare my mind, calm down my breathing a without letting thinking get in the way I quickly switch to maximum cold. In this time of the year those drops feel like being hit by a shower of nails on my skin. I relax and welcome the sensation, WITHOUT saying that the water is cold. That would spoil the whole experience.

While under the cold water I brush my whole body with my hand: arms, legs, stomach, in a DOWNWARD direction, letting the water wash away all negative energy of the suksma sharira . I help this by repeating like a mantra: down, down, down.

I can guarantee you that afterwards, in whatever bad or depressed mood I was, it is all gone and I feel relaxed and clean of negative energy. Plus I feel HOT for hours afterwards as the blood circulation has been greatly stimulated. For the rest read the link above.

The best effect of the cold shower is that it makes you STRONG mentally, physically and emotionally and gives you will power to do what you decided to do without having second thoughts or backing out at the last minute, even though the temptation sometimes is strong. But I know I would be unhappy afterwards if I give in to that, and so I proceed. I think that that is maybe, at least for me, the most important gift of the cold shower. No sissy stuff of ‘I-don’t-like-cold-showers’ . Just do it. Character building. I think also that this is one of the main ingredients of my adhering to my refusal to obey, taking a medicine that I do not want. The consequences are at the moment pretty bad, as at this point people like me cannot go anywhere or do anything, but it may get worse if they decide to imprison us, which is not impossible. But I will not yield.

Well, I think I have given you some things you can do to get rid of low frequency emotions. There are tons of others, meditation, singing, playing the piano, whatever. Find your own system.

Have fun and experiment.

Love you all.