Laura Menchi

Laura Menchi

Centered Yoga teacher


   Ventimiglia, Italy

  +39 333 441 2310


Laura Menchi’s story

I have explored the dimension of the body and its expressive possibilities by studying and teaching dance for many years.

During these years, as my experience grew and matured, the attraction towards the body’s mystery pushed me to investigate its innate capacity to cure itself, in the beginning as a floritherapist and later as a naturopath.

My love for yoga was born in this context fifteen years ago.

After various years of practice under the guide of a number of teachers, it was the encounter with Dona Holleman in 2012 that enshrined the idea to continue the path undertaken. This practice opens new horizons thanks to the application of the Principles Vital in the research for the intelligent body.

In 2015, after three of teacher training, I earned my Centered Yoga for Beginners diploma.

I live in Ventimiglia, where I teach groups of students and individually. I propose a practice accessible to all, aiming to re-awaken the natural intelligence of the body with respect to its anatomical logic.

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