Francesca Petrilli

Francesca Petrilli

ICYA’s Vice-President and Centered Yoga Studio of Francesca Petrilli founder


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   Milan, Italy

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Francesca Petrilli’s story

In 2000 I started to practice Iyengar yoga at the Roman school with its teacher Patrizia Gregori. I followed Patrizia in her path of researching study and truth regarding the practice of the teacher B.K.S. Iyengar, and thanks to her I come to Dona Holleman in 2008. This encounter would be fundamental for my practice and my life.

In 2008-2011 I started a Teacher Training Course to obtain the Centered Yoga teacher certificate in 2011 and today I still follow and practice the original spirit of yoga with Dona Holleman.

2011 saw the foundation of the International Centered Yoga Association, of which I am a founding member and now an active member of the Board of Directors.

December 2011 Certified in Centered Yoga Beginners

February 2015 Certified in Centered Yoga Medium Level I

In 2011 I opened the Centered Yoga Studio, the first and only Centered Yoga school in Milan.

In October 2020 Francesca Petrilli was nominated Vice-President of International Centered Yoga Association, with the blessing of Dona Holleman, the current Honorary President of ICYA.

Centered Yoga Studio offers:

Group lessons
Private lessons by appointment
Weekends and holidays seminars
Centered Yoga Teacher Training Course

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