International Centered Yoga Association

Yoga is skill in action” (Bhagavadgita, sutra II 50)

The International Centered Yoga Association was established on December 17, 2011 when a group of students of Dona Holleman decided to organize her teaching into an association and put it into a method. Dona accepted with enthusiasm and she is still the President.

The first step was translating and printing her book ‘Centered Yoga: The Eight Vital Principles of Practice’, in collaboration with the Roman publishing company Le Mediterranee (April, 2012), with whom she will translate all her books.

Dona’s books

In June of the same year at Rome Yoga Festival, Dona Holleman – supported by her vice president Patrizia Gregori – held a seminar introducing Centered Yoga method and it attracted a great deal of attention. On that occasion, the newly formed Association was presented by the founding members who wanted to give substance and voice to a lifelong experience, sharing with her the love for her teachers B.K.S. Iyengar, Krishnamurti, Castaneda, and her friend and mentor Vanda Scaravelli.

Since then, the Association has expanded, welcoming many Italian and foreign teachers to promote, spread and preserve Dona Holleman’s Centered Yoga in the world, through workshops and training courses. In the original spirit of her method, which respects Man being made of Nature and her laws, ‘how’ we practice and ‘how’ we teach it can make the difference. We are together to revive the idea of a school where real teaching is always distinguishable from the maremagnum of ‘shopping yoga’.

The extended group trained by Dona, aims to continue her teaching, by training other disciples with her method. One of the goals of this Association is creating an archive of all her works produced in 50 years of practice, studying and teaching (books, videos, photos, etc.).

Doors are open to anybody who would like to put into practice the principles of yoga.

We are waiting for you!

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