Newsletter N. 3/2012


Dear Friends and fellow members of the International Centered Yoga Association.

Before I present the following lecture given more than seventy years ago I would like to ask: ‘What is Centered Yoga?’

Probably to each one of us the answer is different.

In agreement with the following lecture I have always felt that being ‘centered’ is to have the courage, or the ‘intelligence’, or the ‘genes’ to stand on one’s own feet, to look at the world and then use one’s discernment to decide what is the ‘truth’ and what is not. To have the courage to have one’s own thoughts and opinions without fear of being ‘outcast’.

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Newsletter N. 2/2012

“In every older woman lives a young girl that says: ‘What the hell has happened?’”

(quote by Cora Harvey Armstrong)

I was recently interviewed for some yoga journal. The subject of the interview was ‘yoga and aging’, and I was asked what I thought about that, having recently crossed the 70 Landline.

In my usual innocent way I said that aging was a matter of choice and opinion.

Oooops, that was a wrong start. I should have known, but then, I am not an Olympic champion in diplomacy or, in other words, beating around the bush.

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Newsletter N.1/2012

Dear Friends,

I had promised you the first edition of the ICYA Newsletter by the first of July, and here we are the 7th, a week late. Not bad for the first edition, but as you all no doubt have noticed: the earth is rotating all the time faster and faster and it is almost impossible to get everything done in one day that has to be done, especially if you have eight (8) children with four legs each (32 legs) that need to be fed, medicated etc.

We had planned to have the Newsletter starting with everyone’s account of how they started yoga, but I only got something from Emily, so I will go into that at a later time.

I would rather start talking about something else.

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