Newsletter N. 1/2015

God gave man the Garden of Eden, that was everything, and man accepted at first with gratitude.

Man then discovered his transformative power, and preferred it to the gift of God.

Man become ungrateful, and pure nature was raped.

In the place of Adam, born thanks to the same substance of the earth, dust to dust, and in the place of the Holy Spirit, straight blown in Mother Earth’s womb, man decided to conceive himself, rejecting that his power was a God’s gift.

Man lost his purity, and demanded to be God himself.

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Newsletter N. 1/2014

Saturday 14th December at the Dhyana Centered Yoga Studio of Patrizia Gregori we had a practical Centered Yoga seminar, followed by a debate on the subject of freedom.

Patrizia’s introduction:

Talking about freedom from conditions means, in the first instance, to ask ourselves what is a condition and what conditioning means and find out the fundamental difference.

Being a certain age is undoubtedly a condition, letting age condition us means conditioning. Freedom from conditions has to be differentiated from conditions, in as much as we don’t become free coming out from our own conditions but from the conditioning that those conditions can provoke or simply evoke.

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Newsletter N. 3/2013

Saturday 9th November Patrizia Gregori held a seminar on Centered Yoga at the Centered Yoga Academy – Dhyana Studio: 20 students took part and at the end there was a discussion on awareness. The meeting offered an opportunity to exchange opinions both with students of our school and with non students, who came to us interested by the subject of our meeting. There was a buffet offered to everyone at the end.

This was the first of a series of meetings planned for this year at the Centered Yoga Academy – Dhyana Studio. The next meeting is planned for the middle of December and the debate will be about the subject of freedom.

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Newsletter N. 2/2013

On the 4th of May 2013 the ICYA started a new teacher’s training course for non-Italians. At the end of the week we attached a ‘fun’ weekend with new and old students – a kind of late birthday party.

Friday afternoon Barbara and Francesca held a general class.

In the evening there was a ‘concert’ with Dona on the piano, and Gianluigi, Dona’s piano teacher, who generously played for us. Patrizia sang and Paolo played the saxophone.

One might ask: why bother to go through all the effort to practice the piano and then play in front of students and friends as a non-professional. After all, I am a yoga teacher, not a pianist. Why go through the adrenalin rush?

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Newsletter N. 1/2013

Dear Friends,

This Newsletter is way overdue, and I am sorry about that.

The Newsletter was conceived as a forum for Centered Yoga teachers to share their experiences both as practitioners as well as teachers.

So far I have received only one article.

As I have a ranch with many animals, am teaching many courses, and otherwise have a private life like everyone else, I cannot produce a six-page Newsletter on a monthly basis. Therefore this letter will from now on Bi-monthly.

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Newsletter Nr. 5/21st December 2012/ Winter Solstice


There is a Chinese proverb which says: “May you live in interesting times”.

I think that pretty well sums it up.

In a few days’ time, on the winter solstice, the precession of the equinoxes ( comes back to zero after 25,772 years, the solar system will be aligned with the galactic center and the sun will move into Aquarius after having lingered in Pisces for 2.500 years ( ). A lot of stuff to which we are fortunate to be witnesses. I remember that in the sixties we speculated about the image of the man pouring out the water over the earth (Aquarius). The idea was that the era of Pisces, which is the era of organized religion, was coming to an end, and true spirituality would be poured out over the human race.

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Newsletter N. 4/2012

The first article is going to be a long one, so I will have to divide it in sections:

  • Locality and non-locality
  • Mindset or assemblage point
  • Intent

Part one:

One crisp August day in 1965 I was sitting in the living room of Chalet Tannegg, the house that Vanda Scaravelli had rented for Jiddu Krishnamurti, in Gstaad, Switzerland, for the summer. I was twenty-three years old and had come for my daily talk with him about ‘enlightenment’. I noticed on the coffee table a book by the title ‘A separate reality’, by Carlos Castaneda. Apparently Krishnamurti had just bought it and was reading it.

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